Saturday, July 2, 2011

Publix Shopping Trip 7.2.11

My total was $80 before my coupons... I paid $47.44.

According to my receipt I saved a total of $85.74 with store sales, store coupons, and vendor coupons.
My favorite savings - the Oscar Meyer Cracker Combos. They are on sale for $1 (they are 10 for $10) and I had 14 $1/1 coupons. I bought 10 and left 4 of those coupons on the shelf. Yes, these were totally free. I'd never tried them before and they are pretty good! You get 4 large crackers, flavored cream cheese, sliced deli meat, and a little piece of chocolate.

My other free-bee was the Carefree Panty Liners. Another 10 for $10 deal and I had 4 $.50/1 coupons which Publix doubled. I added them to my stash.

Several things here I bought to try a new recipe that I call Lasagna Muffins - diced tomatoes, tomato paste, Pillsbury Grands biscuits, mozzarella cheese, and the Steam Fresh veggies (50% off right now! Too bad I did not have any coupons to go with the sale...). My neighbor and chiropractor is due any minute now with baby number 4 and these freeze well. Maybe I'll post the recipe next week!

My error - I was not paying attention when the Pillsbury Grands were being scanned and they did not ring up right. They should have been $1 and they rang up $1.55. I'll just bring my receipt back next time I am there for a refund but next time I will be paying better attention.

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  1. My daughter is a great role-model to everyone who is working hard to make ends meet in this economy! Her "just do it" attitude and determination to get the 'biggest bang' for her buck is inspiring!