Monday, April 11, 2011

Brand New Item in my Etsy Shop!

The Baby Headband

When I was put on bed rest back in January I knew I was going to need something to do to stay sane. I have a Kindle and a netbook but I also need to be creative so I picked up a crochet project that I haven't touched in years. It was a blanket that I started making while pregnant with my son (who is almost 4!). I forgot how much I really enjoy crocheting! I started checking the internet for free patterns for baby shoes and dresses and I even bought a few patterns from other Etsy sellers. I made my first baby headband for my husbands cousin who has a new daughter and thought "why am I not making these for my Etsy shop??". They're so quick and easy and work with all different kinds of yarn... so here are a few that I have made so far. What do you think?

To buy one, click here - Shipping is only $2 for your first headband, free for each additional headband!

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